Our creations

  • Turn back time and enjoy the medieval vibes, in your own kingdom!
  • Honour the ancient knights and expand your empire!
  • + A perfect place for all the brave warriors!
  • + Lead the medieval village to prosperity and build your own nation!
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  • Make your way through the spring village and enjoy its magical nature!
  • Relax and contemplate the beautiful, green landscape!
  • + A cute, lively spring village, perfect for a refreshing experience!
  • + Have fun with your friends and start your new survival adventure, today!
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  • Explore the lost atlantis city and start an unforgettable adventure!
  • Everyone has been searching for it and you've been the one to find it first!
  • + A big, mysterious city, in the middle of the ocean!
  • + Discover many great places and take control over the atlantis!
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  • You find an abandoned royal village in the middle of the forest!
  • It looks like the king is gone, so what are you waiting for?
  • + A mysterious orange village, famous for its incredible castle!
  • + Take over and rule the kingdom!
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  • You find yourself in the middle of the ocean, stranded on an abandoned island!
  • Make your way into the lost atlantis underground base and discover all its secrets!
  • + Explore the lost underwater nation and start a great adventure!
  • + 4 skins included!
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  • Be careful, it looks like a spell was unleashed on all the mobs!
  • They are now teleporting everywhere throughout the world!
  • + The endermen won't feel special anymore!
  • + All the mobs are teleporting, it sounds like a challenge for a brave warrior!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • After a long trip, you manage to find a large piece of land in the middle of the ocean.
  • Prepare for the finest tropical vibes and discover the forgotten island!
  • + Explore the tropical island and start a great adventure!
  • + Perfect for a refreshing holiday with your friends!
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  • You just found the entrance into a mysterious winter underground base, in the middle of the ocean!
  • Don't waste this chance, explore the surroundings and find all the hidden gifts.
  • + Many collectibles and big gifts waiting to be found.
  • + Seasonal decorations and rewards!
  • + Get ready for some real challenges: parkour, maze, traps and many more!
  • + 2 FREE skins included.
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  • Welcome to the winter dragon's castle! Only the brave made it this far...
  • Prepare to fight the arctic wolves guarding the territory, then summon the winter dragon from his sleep.
  • + Find hidden collectibles and gifts across the place, gearing up for the fight.
  • + Enjoy the final battle with the winter dragon and his arctic wolves.
  • + 4 skins included, two of them for FREE.
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  • You wake up in a village covered in snow, right as the holiday season begins...
  • Looks like someone hid gifts all around the village overnight! Sounds too good to be true, right?
  • + Find the collectible gifts and the big gifts hidden nearby.
  • + Unlock epic rewards and seasonal armor by opening them.
  • + Prepare for an amazing winter adventure.
  • + 2 skins included.
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  • Make your way through the Ice Kingdom and beat all the bosses who are standing in your way!
  • Reach the castle, defeat the enemies, then summon the ultimate golem boss and defeat it.
  • + Many chests and gifts hidden through the kingdom, containing great rewards.
  • + 3 types of custom bosses that can be fought: Guards, Robots and the Ice Golem.
  • + 2 skins included, one for FREE!
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  • Enjoy your holidays in the calm winter village. Nobody will disturb you here...
  • It's just you, the snow and the winter nature.
  • + Collectibles and gifts are hidden all over the place, ready to be discovered.
  • + Go on a small treasure hunt and find all the great rewards.
  • + Feel the holiday spirit with your friends.
  • + 2 skins included.
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  • Explore the arctic village and have an ultimate winter adventure!
  • Gifts containing secret rewards are hidden everywhere, so what are you waiting for? Start the hunt!
  • + 9 collectible gifts and 10 big gifts with secret rewards.
  • + Find all the collectible gifts in order to obtain the magic santa armor set!
  • + Many holiday organics!
  • + 2 skins included, one of them for FREE.
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