Our creations

  • Yee-haw! All mobs can be ridden in this ultimate Minecraft adventure!
  • Tame your favourite mobs and experience their unique special abilities while riding them!
  • + Prepare for funny races, transport your mobs to a safe place & try out all their abilities, the fun is guaranteed!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Turn back time to the mythical age and fight the ultimate bosses!
  • Prepare for a real challenge, as you try to conquer the powerful creatures and win all the fights!
  • + Four arenas, where you can either fight a minotaur, an unicorn, a ghost or a cyclops!
  • + Gear up, emerge victorious from the battles and rule over the mythical kingdom!
  • + 4 skins included!
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  • Dive right into the Adventure Kingdom and fight four legendary bosses, enjoying a gameplay and an experience you've never felt before!
  • Gear up and win the battle in all four arenas!
  • + Explore the Archer's Nest, the Knight's Citadel, the Assassin's Catacombs and the Tank's Battleground, in order to defeat the ultimate bosses!
  • + 4 bosses, 1 goal: conquer the empire!
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  • Challenge your friends in this fun minigame and emerge victorious from the ultimate chess battle!
  • + Interactive chess pieces themed around Minecraft warriors!
  • + Capture the king and defeat the enemies!
  • + Easy to play, fun and competitive!
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  • The hunger lucky block games are on!
  • Every time you eat, a random lucky block will spawn in front of you, woohoo!
  • + It's going to be a big party, prepare to open the lucky blocks and have lots of goodies rain everywhere nearby!
  • + All you have to do is eat, then open the blocks to get valuable loot!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • All the animals have escaped, we need your help to locate and rescue them!
  • The storm hit our village and all of them broke out of the barn...
  • + Walk close to the missing animals to automatically pick them up, then return them back to safety!
  • + Complete the quests and restore peace inside the village, the farmers will be forever thankful!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Explore this Mansion on top of a magically floating island! The island has dried up with no water left, this leaves many abandoned pirate ships exposed for you to explore and enjoy!
  • + Floating Island!
  • + Mysterious Abondoned Mansion!
  • - By Orbital Studios and Studios Studios!
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  • Beware, a spell hit the world and all the items are now cursed!
  • Forget the diamonds, wood and leather are the most precious resources now!
  • + Item efficiency is reversed: netherite is the weakest, while wooden is the strongest!
  • + Gear up in full leather armor and wooden items, you will be unstoppable!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Make your way through a huge medieval world and explore the six tribes!
  • Each of them has its own unique biome and nature, so you'll always find new stuff ahead!
  • + A 2000x2000 large custom spawn, with six villages scattered around the world!
  • + Forests, oceans, icy biomes or even a big volcano - this place has them all!
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  • Surround yourself in the mystic arts of this magical world in a massive dojo surrounded by ions of mystical history and power!
  • + Dragon Structures!
  • + Amazing views!
  • + Asian Influenced Structures!
  • - By Orbital Studios and Senior Studios
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  • Prepare for a real challenge... Any time you eat, a random mob spawns in front of you!
  • No place will be safe anymore, gear up and prepare to fight all those mobs!
  • + The hunger mob games are here, prepare for the danger waiting ahead!
  • + Eating is a must, so you always have to be ready for the incoming mobs!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • After a long trip on the ocean, you spot a mysterious island in your way.
  • Explore its surroundings and unravel all the secrets!
  • + A mystery adventure, perfect for all the brave travelers!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Make your way through the deserted kingdom and discover the long-lost Sand Fortress!
  • Lots of majestic creatures thought to have disappeared are waiting ahead.
  • + Explore the garden, hunt desert foxes and crabs to gear up, then ride camels across the place!
  • + Confront the fierce guards and make your way inside the fortress.
  • + Defeat the Emperor in the final boss battle!
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  • Come explore the remains of an ancient civilization and what is left of them after they were destroyed by the battle between the very titans they served!
  • + Skull remains and debree from an ancient titan battle!
  • + Old Structures and monuments!
  • - By Orbital Studios and Senior Studios!
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  • Explore the ultimate sci-fi city and take a taste of the future!
  • Gadgets, robots, flying vehicles - we have them all here!
  • + New blocks, new entities, new vehicles, new sounds, creating a brand new Online empire!
  • + 4 skins included!
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  • Have you ever thought of multiple dimensions in a single skyblock world? This has now become possible! Explore, fight to master dimensions, open lucky blocks, build and much more!
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  • Parkour through this giant map! Run, Jump and make your way to the Diamond Throne! Are you up for the challenge?
  • + 100 Levels!
  • + Increasing Difficulty!
  • - By Orbital Studios and Senior Studios!
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  • A black spell has been cast over the world!
  • The mobs have swapped their behavior, gaining abilities they've never had before!
  • + Hostile mobs will be your friends, sheeps now teleport and attack, villagers shoot explosive fireballs and much more to be discovered!
  • + Explore over 20 new behaviors and survive the ultimate challenge against all the mobs!
  • + 4 skins included!
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  • Welcome to the magic lands, home to the strongest black magic!
  • Spells and curses are being deployed everywhere, be careful and don't waste your survival chances!
  • + Four arenas, where you can either fight the wizard, the duchess, the dark soldier or the ice king!
  • + 4 skins included!
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  • Take part in the ultimate death swap minigame and kill your friends in the most creative, funny ways!
  • Every tens of seconds, you and the other players swap locations, so make them teleport right into a trap!
  • + Score points for killing the opponents once they swap & reach the top of the leaderboard to win!
  • + You can edit all the swap settings and rules!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • You'll no longer need to look for villagers in order to exchange goodies!
  • All mobs will now trade special items, go ahead and explore all their collections!
  • + Obtain the needed items and exchange them with goodies, by right clicking on any mob!
  • + Trading has never been easier, you're on your way to become rich!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's mobs flying all over the place!
  • They don't have to be ghasts, blazes or dragons - ALL mobs will now fly!
  • + A new challenge for the brave warriors: survive and hunt down the flying mobs, in a gameplay you've never experienced before!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • It's nether time! All mobs throw fireballs during combat, so you better take shelter!
  • The blazes aren't the only ones you need to worry about now!
  • + The mobs will hunt you down and launch fireballs, setting you on fire!
  • + Gear up and prepare to survive against the upgraded mobs!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Boom! Mobs explode everywhere, be vigilant at all times!
  • The creepers are no longer the only mobs able to blow you up!
  • + Most mobs will no longer just try to hunt you down, they'll also cause massive explosions!
  • + The perfect challenge for a true warrior: survive the explosions and obliterate the mobs!
  • + 4 skins included!
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  • You can now breed any kind of mobs and admire their cute, tiny babies!
  • No matter whether they're zombies, creepers, spiders or any other mob, you can now help them expand their families!
  • + Build your own mob empire by breeding all of them with unique crops and items!
  • + Ready to create the ultimate mob army in your world? This is your chance!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • It seems like a curse hit all the mobs and reversed their behavior!
  • Hostile mobs will be your best friends, while friendly mobs will attack and try to hunt you down!
  • + You can no longer trust the farm animals, no matter how innocent they might look!
  • + Zombies, creepers and other monsters will be on your side!
  • + 5 skins included!
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  • Missed the ancient times when cyclops ruled the world?
  • No worries, giant mobs will now spawn everywhere in your worlds, giving a taste of the glorious old times!
  • + Giant zombies will no longer feel special, as they will now be accompanied by all other sorts of giant mobs!
  • + Psst, they might look huge and fierce, but their power is the same as before!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Explore the majestic floating lands and get a taste of the original skyblock experience!
  • Travel across all islands, find the hidden chests and build your own empire!
  • + 8 biomes & block generators at spawn, providing you with the original skyblock adventure!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • All mobs are now tiny, they could even be hiding in the grass without you knowing it!
  • Even when small and cute, the hostile mobs can still attack with full power!
  • + Try out the tiny mobs experience and build a world of babies, cute and innocent... before they turn on your back!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Make your way through the scary valley and prepare for the danger waiting ahead!
  • Beware, this journey is only for the brave!
  • + A long-lost, large temple, waiting to be found, in the middle of a scary valley!
  • + Begin your adventure and unravel all the secrets!
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  • A large royal kingdom is looking for its new ruler!
  • Step up and take control of the place, building a powerful nation!
  • + Attack ships, fortresses, houses and a large castle - this place got everything a strong kingdom needs!
  • + Discover all the royal areas, organize the territory and start a long-lasting adventure, as the new king!
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  • Winter is upon us! This fun frosty village will make a beautiful center to your world!
  • + More than 20 cozy cottages and buildings
  • + Surrounded by a freezing bay with a snow-topped forest
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  • Welcome to the parkour island, prepare for many great challenges ahead!
  • Beginner or expert, this place will be a great source of fun for you!
  • + A big island with fun, challenging parkour tracks, waiting for brave players!
  • + Complete all the parkour tracks and become the best!
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  • It's time for a jungle adventure, woohoo!
  • The map just led you to this mysterious place, in the middle of the woods!
  • + A tribe had built a large village here, but they suddenly vanished and abandoned it!
  • + Taste the jungle life and rule the village yourself!
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  • Ho ho ho! The happiest time of year! This map is perfect for the holiday season and for some frigid fun!
  • + Over five frosty organics!
  • + Chilly village hidden under the snow!
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  • Take part in the ultimate dropper minigame, themed around famous YouTuber VintageBeef!
  • Play 10 unique levels, collect the hidden coins and unlock the special 11th dropper!
  • + 3 modes: practice, competitive and beat the clock!
  • + Play alone or with friends, the choice is yours!
  • + Land in the water safely to complete each level!
  • + In partnership with VintageBeef!
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  • Arrrgh, you've just found the long-lost pirate island!
  • Discover all its secrets and start your own adventure, today!
  • + A big, mysterious island: home to all the brave ocean warriors!
  • + Explore the ships and the castle, getting a taste of the pirate life!
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  • Beware, this is the tropical pirates' island, you are on their territory now!
  • Explore the mysterious village found on top of the island and start your own adventure!
  • + A tropical island, in the middle of the ocean, which once was the home of many fierce pirates!
  • + Take over the pirates' kingdom and expand it, as you wish to!
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  • Visit the long-lost kingdom and restore its former glory!
  • Its king is gone, now is your chance to take control and build a strong empire!
  • + A large, medieval kingdom, having multiple village houses and a big castle!
  • + Lost for thousands of years, this mythical place was finally found by... you!
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  • Guarded by a fierce red dragon, nobody made it out of this island alive!
  • Think you've got what it takes? Confront the beast and take over its kingdom!
  • + An island, in the middle of the ocean, which once was the home of a majestic red dragon.
  • + Explore the 4 biomes and capture the castles!
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  • Boo! It's Halloween night and you find yourself stranded on a mysterious island!
  • Midnight is approaching, you better find shelter soon in the village, on top of the hill!
  • + A halloween island, containing a big forest, a hill and a halloween themed village, on top of it!
  • + Begin your adventure and try to survive the halloween mystery ahead!
  • + 4 skins included!
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  • Trick or treat?! It's Halloween again and you find yourself on a scary island, with an abandoned house in sight!
  • No sight of life anywhere nearby... Wait, there's a whole secret base underground!
  • + Make your way inside and explore the two large floors, complete the parkour and make sure all the secrets are unravelled!
  • + A perfect adventure for the brave travelers!
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  • Ready... set.... go! Make a run for your life, mobs are faster than ever before!
  • They'll attack before you even know it!
  • + All mobs move extremely fast, even during combat!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Climbing to safety isn't an option anymore...
  • All mobs can climb up to the peaks in just a few seconds, beware!
  • + Spiders will no longer feel special now...
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • Turn back time and enjoy the medieval vibes, in your own kingdom!
  • Honour the ancient knights and expand your empire!
  • + A perfect place for all the brave warriors!
  • + Lead the medieval village to prosperity and build your own nation!
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  • Make your way through the spring village and enjoy its magical nature!
  • Relax and contemplate the beautiful, green landscape!
  • + A cute, lively spring village, perfect for a refreshing experience!
  • + Have fun with your friends and start your new survival adventure, today!
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  • Explore the lost atlantis city and start an unforgettable adventure!
  • Everyone has been searching for it and you've been the one to find it first!
  • + A big, mysterious city, in the middle of the ocean!
  • + Discover many great places and take control over the atlantis!
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  • You find an abandoned royal village in the middle of the forest!
  • It looks like the king is gone, so what are you waiting for?
  • + A mysterious orange village, famous for its incredible castle!
  • + Take over and rule the kingdom!
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  • You find yourself in the middle of the ocean, stranded on an abandoned island!
  • Make your way into the lost atlantis underground base and discover all its secrets!
  • + Explore the lost underwater nation and start a great adventure!
  • + 4 skins included!
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  • Be careful, it looks like a spell was unleashed on all the mobs!
  • They are now teleporting everywhere throughout the world!
  • + The endermen won't feel special anymore!
  • + All the mobs are teleporting, it sounds like a challenge for a brave warrior!
  • + 2 skins included!
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  • After a long trip, you manage to find a large piece of land in the middle of the ocean.
  • Prepare for the finest tropical vibes and discover the forgotten island!
  • + Explore the tropical island and start a great adventure!
  • + Perfect for a refreshing holiday with your friends!
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  • You just found the entrance into a mysterious winter underground base, in the middle of the ocean!
  • Don't waste this chance, explore the surroundings and find all the hidden gifts.
  • + Many collectibles and big gifts waiting to be found.
  • + Seasonal decorations and rewards!
  • + Get ready for some real challenges: parkour, maze, traps and many more!
  • + 2 FREE skins included.
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  • Welcome to the winter dragon's castle! Only the brave made it this far...
  • Prepare to fight the arctic wolves guarding the territory, then summon the winter dragon from his sleep.
  • + Find hidden collectibles and gifts across the place, gearing up for the fight.
  • + Enjoy the final battle with the winter dragon and his arctic wolves.
  • + 4 skins included, two of them for FREE.
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  • You wake up in a village covered in snow, right as the holiday season begins...
  • Looks like someone hid gifts all around the village overnight! Sounds too good to be true, right?
  • + Find the collectible gifts and the big gifts hidden nearby.
  • + Unlock epic rewards and seasonal armor by opening them.
  • + Prepare for an amazing winter adventure.
  • + 2 skins included.
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  • Make your way through the Ice Kingdom and beat all the bosses who are standing in your way!
  • Reach the castle, defeat the enemies, then summon the ultimate golem boss and defeat it.
  • + Many chests and gifts hidden through the kingdom, containing great rewards.
  • + 3 types of custom bosses that can be fought: Guards, Robots and the Ice Golem.
  • + 2 skins included, one for FREE!
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  • Enjoy your holidays in the calm winter village. Nobody will disturb you here...
  • It's just you, the snow and the winter nature.
  • + Collectibles and gifts are hidden all over the place, ready to be discovered.
  • + Go on a small treasure hunt and find all the great rewards.
  • + Feel the holiday spirit with your friends.
  • + 2 skins included.
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  • Explore the arctic village and have an ultimate winter adventure!
  • Gifts containing secret rewards are hidden everywhere, so what are you waiting for? Start the hunt!
  • + 9 collectible gifts and 10 big gifts with secret rewards.
  • + Find all the collectible gifts in order to obtain the magic santa armor set!
  • + Many holiday organics!
  • + 2 skins included, one of them for FREE.
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